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Message from the Executive Director, Kevin Dickie

Dear Acadia Athletics Friends,
I am very excited to be in my tenth year at Acadia University, in my role as Executive Director of Athletics & Community Events. It is still an honor to be in a position of leadership with such a storied and historic program.
My goal is for Acadia Athletics to continue to be the best in the country - the best in what we are - a small school and one of the top undergraduate universities in Canada. We are also deeply immersed in our community, as they are with us. That is a special niche that Acadia boasts.
It is a privilege to represent the Axewomen and Axemen and we ask that our student-athletes strive to excel in the classroom, the sports arena, and in the community. The values of the game are so much more important than the events that happen during it. We are an athletic department that lives our values!
We also recognize the strong role alumni play in shaping our current varsity programs. We are committed to preserving the rich legacy those before us helped to create and continuing to make them proud of the accomplishments to come.
The competitive environment within U SPORTS is greater than ever and obviously, financial resources play a significant role in competitive sustainability. For that reason, we thank our strong alumni and corporate partners for their continued support.
These past months through this unprecedented pandemic have been trying for everyone. Somehow, someway, I stay confident and optimistic that we can come out of all this better. At the very least, I know I’ll never take for granted watching our Axewomen & Axemen compete at the sports they love ever again.
Visitors to Acadia’s athletic venues will continue to see and feel a tremendous energy. As we celebrate our past sporting accomplishments, we hope to inspire a new generation of Acadia student-athletes and show the country that Acadia is the place of destination for those who aspire to athletic and academic excellence.

Kevin Dickie
Executive Director of Athletics & Community Events