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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission:
Leading our Student-Athletes in athletic, academic, and personal excellence; fueling the Acadia Spirit in our communities.


Our Vision:

An unparalleled Canadian university athletic program, delivering a uniquely personalized high performance Athletic, Academic, and Community enriching experience.

"An enriching Liberal Arts experience"

Our Culture and Core Values:

Our Culture is being relentless in our pursuit of excellence academically, athletically and in the community.

We live our values:

Integrity ... by always doing the right thing.

Respect . . . by acknowledging diverse contributions and providing appropriate opportunity and accessibility.

Maximizing potential . . . in the growth and development of student-athletes, staff, coaches, and revenue generation.

Passion and work ethic
... by being enthusiastic and diligent in achieving success.

Gratitude ... by being fortunate to be part of Acadia Athletics


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