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The Acadia Players Association is a committee consisting of student-athletes. We are a group created to enhance the experience of Acadia Varsity athletes as well as create a sense of community amongst all athletes. We organize events to celebrate Acadia Athletics, identify issues, recommend solutions and express the interests and concerns of Acadia athletes to the Department of Athletics, Acadia University and the community.

Our mission is to promote opportunity, protect student-athlete welfare and foster a positive student-athlete image, thus enhancing the total student-athlete experience at Acadia University.

The Acadia Players Association was founded in the 2001-2002 school year by a group of Acadia student-athletes, led by Matthew Green (Football) and Kristy Martin (Rugby). It was created to represent student athletes. A constitution was created in 2003 to solidify the intentions of the  Acadia Players Association. This constitution was presented to and approved by a group of student athletes. Currently, there are representatives from each of the eight varsity teams who sit on the  Acadia Players Association committee.