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Department of Athletics: Job Opportunities

Become part of the Game Day Experience at Acadia University! Acadia Athletics is currently seeking staff for the 2023/24 athletic season to join our event staff and minor official teams. These are paid part-time positions, with most scheduled hours falling on Friday evenings, Saturday afternoon and evenings, and Sunday afternoons. 

Event Staff 

  • Ticket Takers: Ticket takers are required for all ticketed varsity events. Our ticket takers control access in and out of ticketed varsity events either by scanning paper or electronic tickets for spectators, swiping student ID cards, or checking game access badges. Ticket takers are also responsible for helping to direct spectators to their seat and section for our events with reserved seating (football, hockey and basketball). Throughout the game ticket takers are required to monitor access as spectators exit and reenter. Ticket takers must be friendly and communicative, with a strong attention to detail and confident in confirming appropriate entry into the games.
  • Axe Pack Event Team: The Axe Pack are our primary event team who assist in the setup, execution, and tear down of our events. Led by an Athletic Event Staff Supervisor, the Axe Pack will ensure clean setup of all events and help create a positive/memorable experience for spectators attending varsity events. Duties may include working promotional tables, greeting guests/entertainment/working with minor sport teams, and/or arranging contestants and logistics for in-game activations and contests. Members of the Axe Pack should be outgoing, friendly, and enthusiastic and communicate well.  


Minor Officials: 

  • Score clock Operator: Score clock operators are responsible for managing and running the official game score clock from warm-up start until the end of the game. Score clock operators must be familiar with the playing rules and regulations of the sport they are working, able to understand/follow game timing protocols, be adaptable and quick thinking based on in-game needs. Specific roles include: soccer clock operator, rugby clock operator, football twenty-second clock operator, basketball shot clock and main clock operators, volleyball clock operator, and hockey clock operator. Training session(s) will be provided.  
  • Scorekeeper: Scorekeepers are responsible for managing and recording the official score of the game. Scorekeepers must be familiar with the playing rules and regulations, as well as game sheet format, of the sport they are working, and must have a strict attention to detail. Duties include recording a correct record of goals/points accumulated, who scored, assisted, penalties/fouls, substitutions, etc. Scorekeepers are required for hockey, rugby, soccer, and basketball. Training session(s) will be provided.  
  • Penalty Box Attendants: Penalty box attendants are required for all men’s varsity hockey games. Penalty box attendants should be familiar with the game of hockey and are responsible for opening and closing the penalty box doors throughout the game as required. Penalty box attendants should be attentive to players, as well as time/score clocks to ensure the correct players leaves at the correct time. Training session(s) will be provided. 
  • Goal Judge: Goal judges are required for all men’s varsity hockey games. Goal judges should be familiar with the game of hockey and are responsible for watching when goals are scored and then turning on the goal light. In the event of a controversial goal, goal judges may be required to consult with or defer to the game officials. Training session(s) will be provided. 
  • Ball Retrievers. Ball retrievers are required for some sports to support the continued flow of the game. Ball retrievers operate on the outside of the playing field and are responsible for ensuring a game ball remains active in play, while backup balls are retrieved, wiped down, and ready if needed. Specific sports include: 
    • Soccer: There are 4-6 ball retriever staff needed for each soccer game positioned around the field (sidelines and end zones) who are responsible for running after balls that are kicked out of play and ensuring a new game ball is first provided to teams to maintain game play.  
    • Volleyball: There are 3 ball retrievers required for every game using the three-ball system. Ball retrievers are responsible for ensuring one ball is in play, while two clean balls are at the ready in both ends for whenever ball goes out of play.  

Specialty Roles 

  • Athletic Event Staff Supervisor: Athletic Event Staff Supervisors are responsible leading the technical set-up and take-down of equipment, score clocks, and other event layout requirements, managing in-game promotions, and on-site supervision of staff. Supervisors are scheduled to arrive ahead of other staff and stay until games are over and lead clean-up/tear down. Athletic Event Staff Supervisors must well-organized, problem solvers with excellent communication skills, be friendly and outgoing, be adaptable and well organized. Previous experience in events or sports management is considered an asset.  
  • PA Announcer: PA Announcers are responsible for the pre-game run (including venue announcements, welcome, home and visiting team line-ups, etc.), in-game sponsor announcements and game-related information. Play-by-play is not a requirement of the position – only game related information (scores, penalties/fouls, and substitutions as required by each sport). Although working for Acadia, PA Announcers are unbiased in their delivery of announcements. PA announcers must be friendly, enthusiastic and outgoing, as well as well-spoken, with experience and confidence using a microphone in front of large crowds, with strong time management skills and attention to detail. 
  • Promotions Announcer: Promotions announcers will assist the Axe Pack in the delivery of in- game promotions, contests and giveaways. As required, promotional announcers will be asked to announce and lead promotional activities. Promotions announcers should be enthusiastic, experienced and confident using a microphone to speak in front of large crowds. While most promotions are scripted, it is expected that Promotional Announcers will be able to work off script to better engage crowds/contestants while still managing time appropriately for the requirements of the game. 
  • DJ:  Athletic Events DJ’s are responsible for playing music during pre-game warmups, stoppages in play, intermissions/half-time, and post-game wrap-up. DJ’s must be able to work within the requirements and requests of different sports (i.e. preferred playlists and music cues), as well as play music and sound clips, which works within the demographics of a sport/family-friendly environment. DJ’s must have their own music equipment (preferably laptop-based). Equipment to connect to the venue sound system will be provided. 
  • Mascot: The Axeman and Axewoman mascot will appear at all Acadia Athletics home games. Mascots must be enthusiastic, creative, and outgoing with an ability to adapt to changing situations. Mascots must be comfortable operating the mascot costume in different environments (ex. indoor/outdoor, hot/cold) and for extended time while interacting with and entertaining spectators, youth, and other clients.  



Webcast, Digital Content, and Communications:

  • Videographer / Video editor – Background or relative experience in shooting video footage and video editing is required. Training will be provided.
  • Social Media Assistants – An understanding of four major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Assistants will be part of a team that will cover Acadia’s varsity teams including football, hockey, soccer, rugby, volleyball, cross country and swimming.   
  • Webcast Producer –  Seeking interested candidates who will be trained to produce our webcasts of all varsity sports. Producers should have a deep interest in various sports and have watch the broadcast productions of many sports on TV or other broadcast providers. Job includes technical aspects of our webcasts along with managing a multiple-camera production. 
  • Webcast Camera staff – Training will be provided for camera staff who will work 2-3 hours at a time operating game cameras. Staff will learn to properly frame footage and may be involved in non-webcast projects. 
  • Video Journalist – Looking for creative sports fans who want to generate weekly videos highlighting our athletes and coaching staff.
  • Game Recap Writer – Following all home games of every sport, written recaps are created for our website. Sharpen your writing skills and earn some money. Several styles will be taught. An interest in the sport you are writing about is an asset. 


For any questions or further details about the above jobs, please email Kim Wallace (

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