Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Kevin Dickie Executive Director, Athletics & Community Events 902-585-1551
Eric Cederberg Communications 902-585-1465
Krista Robertson Athletic Services 902-585-1552
Richard Johnson Facility 902-585-1614
Len Hawley Development 902-585-1044
Kim Wallace Events
Curtis Arsenault Head Athletic Therapist 902-585-1894
Scott Landry Assistant Coach Women's Soccer 902-585-1286


Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Cummins Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach Football 902-585-1174
Shad McLachlan Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers Football
Dan McNally Assistant Coach, Special Teams Coordinator and QBs Football
Josh Lambert Offensive Coordinator & Receivers Coach
Mike Squires Assistant Coach, Receivers Football
Joel Lippert Assistant Coach, Defensive Backs & Video Coordinator Football
Garth Melrose Running Backs Coach
Adam Melanson Defensive Line Coach
Rob Suffron Linebackers

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Kevin Duffie Head Coach Men's Basketball 902-585-1567
Danny De Palma Assistant Coach Men's Basketball
Nick DeAdder Assistant Coach Men's Basketball
Fred Cumby Assistant Coach
Nathan Goudreau Team Operations
Paulo Santana Grad Assistant Coach

Men's Ice Hockey

Name Title Phone Email
Darren Burns Head Coach Men's Hockey 902-585-1212
Kris MacDonald Associate Coach Hockey 902-585-1611
Mike Alcoe Assistant Coach Men's Hockey
Mark Richards Assistant Coach Men's Hockey

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Findlay MacRae Associate Head Coach Men's Soccer 902-585-1889

Swimming & Diving

Name Title Phone Email

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Len Harvey Head Coach Women's Basketball 902-585-1563

Women's Rugby

Name Title Phone Email
Matthew Durant Head Coach Women's Rugby 902-585-1412
Adam Hines Assistant Coach
Dana Lane Team Manager

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Amit Batra Head Coach Women's Soccer 902-585-1804
Scott Landry Assistant Coach Women's Soccer 902-585-1286

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Michelle Wood Head Coach Women's Volleyball 902-585-1423
Adam Spurrell Assistant Coach Women's Volleyball
Andrew Costa Assistant Coach Women's Volleyball
Jade DeCoste Assistant Coach Women's Volleyball
Vanessa Chorkawy Assistant Coach Women's Volleyball

Women's Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Ralph Williams Head Coach Women's Cross Country 902-585-1552
Carla Champion Team Manager