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Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning program at Acadia University is designed to utilize and evolve with the most current training techniques available to improve student-athletes' size, strength, quickness, and speed. An equally important emphasis is placed on injury prevention where these same methods and philosophies will work to maintain structural balance of an athlete in order to reduce chance of injury.

The Acadia High Performance Centre features Olympic Lifting Stations, Power Racks and an array of Dumbbells, weights, bands, medicine balls to allow a training program focused on movement based exercises.

The foundation of Acadia University’s athletic success is year round preparation. The strength and conditioning staff prepare team based programs designed to improve movement, core stability, speed, strength, balance and flexibility. Within the program each athlete is given specific regressions and progressions in order to individualize programs to their specific abilities.

The strength and conditioning staff work with the student-athletes to instill discipline, teamwork, confidence and a strong work ethic that will facilitate a strong culture and commitment to a higher level of achievement.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Strength and Conditioning Staff at Acadia to continually commit to a higher level of athletic achievement. We incorporate a variety of techniques to motivate, educate, guide, and challenge the student-athlete to achieve their full athletic potential while developing team pride and unity. Ultimately we will aim to provide the What’s, When’s, How’s, Why’s and Where’s of training and allow the work ethic of each athlete to determine their results.


Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Elliott Richardson ‘10

Elliott is entering his second full year as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Acadia University. He is a graduate of Acadia’s Kinesiology Program before going on to play 3 years in the CFL. As an undersized athlete he attributes much of his success to the enhancement of his athletic abilities through year round training. More importantly the lessons that year round physical preparation taught him are the cornerstones of the philosophies he is looking to impart on current athletes who want to reach a higher level of athletic achievement.

Elliott can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @E_Rich05 or visit



Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coaches

In 2013/2014 begins a partnership with the Kinesiology department that will provide an opportunity for senior students to apply their theoretical knowledge in an applied setting. They will work with Elliott Richardson to develop the skills necessary to further the progress of Acadia athletes while acquiring knowledge to excel in this or related fields.